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Who We Are ...

The Friends of Wellers Bay is a board of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of the waters and beaches of the bay.

The association was formed in 1987 to dredge open a channel between Lake Ontario and the Bay for easy boat access.

Dredging has since become the responsibility of Quinte West while the committee remains an active voice working to improve all aspects of life on the Bay.

Friends of Wellers Bay is a board of volunteers with the goal of preserving and promoting Wellers Bay.

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Your help is need to keep Wellers Bay an amazing place to live, visit and play.

Fees are $30 Family, $25 individual.
Your support is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued upon request.

2021 Annual General Meeting

All are welcome, but only members in good standing can vote.
Please Note - This is a VIRTUAL event through Zoom

  • Welcome 
  • Meeting Procedure
    • Member registration and certification of quorum 
  • Agenda and approval of agenda
  • Approval of the minutes from AGM August 31, 2020
  • Update by Quinte West re dredging 
  • Buoy Replacement
  • Introduction of Board Members
  • Financial Statement-Treasure’s Report
  • Strategic Plan Committee Reports 
  • Review of Chairperson Term
  • Nomination and Election of Board Members 2021/2022
  • Adjournment
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2021 Financial Report
You can review the Friends of Wellers Bay 2021 Financial Statement here.
 - FOWB is a registered charity and you'll get a tax form for contributions
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The Bay Needs You!

Become a Friends of Wellers Bay Board Member

Membership dollars fund important projects that keep Wellers Bay the beautiful and enjoyable space we know, love and benefit from.
It takes a number of good people like you coming together to make sure that the association both collects and uses those funds wisely and to the benefit of businesses and individuals, tourists and residents, shoreline owners and water users alike.
So ... can you spare some time? 
We're always looking for a few folks to help out, either for specific functions / on sub-committees or in board positions.
If you would like to nominate yourself or someone you know, please let us know. We'd be happy to introduce you to the membership.
You're also welcome to nominate someone at the AGM. If you have any questions about the roles or the organization, reach out by email:
Karen Fischer*
Vice Chair
Cheryl Lunan
Cheryl Lunan
Toby Toth*
Director 1
Aubrae Wilson
Director 2
Dan Shaer
Director 3
Lynn Mitchell
Director 4
Director 5
Penny Edwards

* voted in at AGM 2020 along with Dave Ashton and Steffen Wiehr Please note that all current board members are interested in staying on the board in some capacity.

With thanks, also, to the assistance of the following folks:
Dave Ashton Website
Tim Colassante City Liaison (Quinte)
Steve Raymond Bouys and Markers

The Ontario Lake Partner Program 

Did you know the water of Wellers Bay is tested annually?

Our Success Story ...


The Bay Was Dying ...

By 1986, the Bay was becoming land-locked due to the shifting sands and the effects of Hurricane Hazel in the 50's. The north access was just a foot deep and impossible for boats to travel between Lake Ontario and Weller's Bay. The  Bay became weedy with poor water quality.


The Channel Opens ...

After much effort to raise funds to pay for the dredging, the channel was opened in 1989 and the Bay was revitalized. Fish stocks returned, the water quality improved, and the weeds were not as prevalent.  Resorts, marinas , homes and cottagers enjoy a new lease on business, and recreation.


The Friends of Wellers Bay Association works toward maintaining the health of the Bay with your help.  Your membership with our organization and donations from citizens and local business make it possible to continue our endeavour to protect and enhance Wellers Bay.

Become a Member ...

Your help is need to keep Wellers Bay an amazing place to live, visit and play.

Fees are $30 Family, $25 individual.
Your support is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.