Who We Are ...

The Friends of Wellers Bay is a board of volunteers dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of the waters and beaches of the bay.

The association was formed in 1987 to dredge open a channel between Lake Ontario and the Bay for easy boat access.

Dredging has since become the responsibility of Quinte West while the committee remains an active voice working to improve all aspects of life on the Bay.

Friends of Wellers Bay is a board of volunteers with the goal of preserving and promoting Wellers Bay.

Our Position on Lake Ontario Water Levels ...

The Friends of Wellers Bay takes no political position on the regulation of Lake Ontario water levels at this time.

At the Friends of Wellers Bay Annual General Meeting held on August 10, 2019, the following resolution was passed by the membership, and subsequently submitted to Pierre Beland, Canadian Section Chair, International Joint Commission:

"THAT the Friends of Wellers Bay submit a letter to the International Joint Commission (IJC) to express concerns over the exceedingly high waters in Lake Ontario and the damage that has occurred, asking that action be considered by the IJC to mitigate future flooding."

The Friends of Wellers Bay is a charitable organization established in 1987. The vision of FOWB is to endeavour to be the trusted and respected voice of all members for the enhancement, enjoyment and preservation of the natural environment of Wellers Bay.

It intends to accomplish this vision through the following:

Pertinent to the health and welfare of Wellers Bay, we will:

  1. Provide resources and education on topics that are timely and relevant;
  2. Participate in research and activities consistent with our values and our vision;
  3. Provide stewardship for the dredging of the channel and maintenance of the breakwall;
  4. Develop and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
  5. Promote pride and responsibility in the care and protection of Wellers Bay by engaging with and involving the community.

The Ontario Lake Partner Program 

Did you know the water of Wellers Bay is tested annually?

Our Success Story ...


The Bay Was Dying ...

By 1986, the Bay was becoming land-locked due to the shifting sands and the effects of Hurricane Hazel in the 50's. The north access was just a foot deep and impossible for boats to travel between Lake Ontario and Weller's Bay. The  Bay became weedy with poor water quality.


The Channel Opens ...

After much effort to raise funds to pay for the dredging, the channel was opened in 1989 and the Bay was revitalized. Fish stocks returned, the water quality improved, and the weeds were not as prevalent.  Resorts, marinas , homes and cottagers enjoy a new lease on business, and recreation.


The Friends of Wellers Bay Association works toward maintaining the health of the Bay with your help.  Your membership with our organization and donations from citizens and local business make it possible to continue our endeavour to protect and enhance Wellers Bay.

Become a Member ...

Your help is need to keep Wellers Bay an amazing place to live, visit and play.

Fees are $30 Family, $25 individual.
Your support is tax deductible and a receipt will be issued.