2019 Friends of Wellers Bay Strategy Report

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Value Statement

We believe that good governance and an engaged membership will inspire sound stewardship of Wellers Bay.

Vision for Friends of Wellers Bay

Endeavour to be the trusted and respected voice of all members for the enhancement, enjoyment and preservation of the natural environment of Wellers Bay.


Pertinent to the health and welfare of Wellers Bay, we will:

  1. Provide resources and education on topics that are timely and relevant;
  2. Participate in research and activities consistent with our values and our vision;
  3. Provide stewardship for the dredging of the channel and maintenance of the breakwall;
  4. Develop and maintain relationships with internal and external stakeholders;
  5. Promote pride and responsibility in the care and protection of Wellers Bay by engaging with and involving the community.
Report Presented at the 2019 Annual General Meeting


Friends of Wellers Bay Stakeholders

  • Members
  • Community at large
  • Community organizations
  • Local Businesses and Farmers
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Local Municipalities
  • Federal, provincial and other government agencies with a direct interest in Wellers Bay
  • OPP, municipal by-law enforcement, other enforcement agencies
  • Other organizations and associations with similar interests

Priority Goals and Proposed Actions

1. Environmental Protection and Stewardship

  • a. Testing/Water Quality
  • b. Shoreline Conservation
  • c. Regular input to the State of Bay Report
  • d.Workshops/Information Sessions on relevant topics
  • e. Information Repository of relevant information and resources.

2. Shoreline and Property Protection and Development

  • a. Provide general guidance in disseminating the laws and regulations for Members as they pertain to shoreline, property protection and other property development.
  • b. Engage with Conservation Authorities, Municipalities and other Associations to understand and participate in policy development on matters relating to property protection and development.

3. Community Building and Communication

  • a. Build relationships and work closely with municipalities, Conservation Authorities, provincial and federal government agencies, local businesses
  • b. Liaise with relevant government agencies (as above) regarding the dredging of the channel and maintenance of the breakwall.
  • c. Support safe channel navigation through the installment of buoys, signage, notification to DFO, and updating of the Log Book.
  • d. Member Outreach/Volunteer Recruitment
  • e. Activities & Events to encourage enjoyment of Wellers Bay
  • f. Engage Youth
  • g. Website/Social Media
  • h. Newsletter and Email communication

4. Board Governance/Membership Development

  • a. Constitution Review
  • b. Policies and Procedures
  • i. Board
  • ii. Members
  • c. Budgeting and financial management
  • d. Social media/website policies
  • e. Board training
  • f. Strategic Plan Implementation and Review
  • g. AGM/Board recruitment
  • h. Member Benefits